English August 4th 2020


This workshop covers the toughest areas of English. We will cover punctuation and the top tricks to becoming an error-spotting wizard. Old favourites such as apostrophes, commas, semi-colons and speech marks are covered. In spelling, we focus on common misspelled words, spelling patterns and tricks to help spot spelling mistakes. The grammar section concentrates on tenses and how to be alert for parts of sentences which don't sound right. In comprehension children are taken through a range of texts uniquely written for this workshop. The questions have been designed to help the children understand the various strategies for finding the right answer, traps to avoid and which questions to leave until the end. Speed reading, inference and deduction are all covered.


About us

FastForward tuition was founded by experienced local teachers, Tom and Cathy. They are both highly-qualified practitioners and have years of experience across both primary and secondary level, preparing students for the 11+, Common Entrance, SATs, GCSEs and A-levels.

They are proud of the relationships they have established with hundreds of families, guiding and supporting them and their children throughout the learning journey



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