We offer a range of exciting 11 plus booster courses, revision workshops and mock exams, tailored for each individual child, preparing them thoroughly to achieve success. Whether your child is sitting a CEM, GL Assessment or a school’s own entrance paper, we adapt our tools to prepare for many of the local entrance exams.


Running during the May Half-Term 2020, these 2 hour workshops will help your child catch-up in any  of their weaker areas. They are highly targeted and specific with a high tutor-child ratio to allow for plenty of individual attention.


Mock exams are the ideal way to prepare for the 11+ test. They give children an experience very similar to that of the actual test and are an excellent way to learn how to judge timing and maintain stamina across 2 test papers.


Run by experienced teachers, this intensive 5-day course covers every aspect of the 11 plus including NVR, VR, English and Maths. The course thoroughly prepares children before they sit the exam, with targeted, focused practice and a mock examination.

About us

FastForward tuition was founded by experienced local teachers, Tom and Cathy. They are both highly-qualified practitioners and have years of experience across both primary and secondary level, preparing students for the 11+, Common Entrance, SATs, GCSEs and A-levels.

They are proud of the relationships they have established with hundreds of families, guiding and supporting them and their children throughout the learning journey.


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